Online Poker with Civil Servants!

Thank you to everyone who has made the first week of Civil Service Poker League: Online a really great success. We got 20 members so far, 17 of whom have deposited, and 15 have played in our real money games.

I hope we can continue to expand our game - thanks for trying it out so far and helping it grow!

Schedule Change

We had a full table on Friday and Saturday, though with limited turnout during the rest of the week. I am going to change the schedule for play on Wednesdays and Saturdays only every week, and to start at 8:30pm.

You don't have to register to attend a game; just take any seat on either of the online game days.

If you and some colleagues want to play each other on any other day, just notify Dory and a table will open!!

League Tournament on Tuesday

Don't forget that our regular monthly League game is ONLINE this month! Tuesday 7th April at 19:30. You can late register only up until 19:45 so make sure you are registered before. League Points are awarded at this tournament so make sure you're in if you want a chance at scoring!

The structure is going to be as similar as I can get it but with a few differences; £11 buys you 10,000 chips, and the blinds are mostly the same, but go up quicker as it's online. The extra £1 will still go towards the Grand Final. There will be no add-on or rebuy.


I've got a link to a survey about CSPLO. Feedback for this is super important especially when we're not able to meet in the Live games for a while. Please give me your honest thoughts, they're very valuable.

Why choose CSPL:O over PokerStars etc.? As a big bonus for playing on our site rather than on other online software is the rakeback; at the end of every month, players receive most of the rake paid on the table back. For semi-regular players, this could work out to be £5-£20 in rakeback every month.

The real rake for the app is only 10 pence in every £2.40 that gets raked off of the table - meaning after paying for the service on the app, the other £2.30 remains in the pot. Since the Club doesn't operate to make profit, I just pay it back to the players. I get stats on who has paid what in rake; meaning if you've paid £5 in rake over the month of playing, you'll get £4-£4.50 back. In only the few games we've played so far, there are players who will be getting £1-2 already. Pokerstars can't beat that!!!

Growing the online game Feel free to ask for any table stakes if you wish; there are smaller and larger buy-ins available as well as Omaha (4 and 5 cards), Omaha Hi/Lo, a NLH/PLO mix, and Open Face Chinese poker. OFC and Hi/Lo are new to me so would welcome some challenges!!

See you guys online! Civil Service Poker League: Online Wednesdays & Saturdays 20:30 tables open

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