May 2020 League Results (Online)

Thanks again for joining us in our online League! It was another strong tournament with 21 entrants. We're seeing some easing of the lockdown but I'm not rushing to start live games just yet. We may be doing this game online for a few more games.

Congratulations to 'Lucky' Dan for navigating the tournaments shortest stack to heads up, crushing Chris 'ElReyDelDecoro'. Thanks also to the 7 or 8 who joined us on the Zoom - it was by far the best online poker experience I've had. And as promised, a £5 bounty was awarded to Chris 'ElReyDelDecoro' for KO'ing yours truly. To be eligible for the bounties and other fun giveaways, you must be in the Zoom call! I will post the link both via email and through our WhatsApp group.

1st Dan C

2nd Chris H

3rd Fluke

4th Syd

5th Simon Sl

6th Henry

7th Dory

8th James the Tank

9th Nick

10th Naval

11th Sidd

12th Jon G

13th Mark G

14th Petch

15th Nour

16th Johnny Lodden

17th Jay

18th PC Andy

19th Tom D

20th Ryan

21st Hinks

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