April 2020 League Results (Online)

Thanks to everyone that came and tried out the CSPL:Online tournament. We had a lot of regs and a lot of new players join us and get in on the action for the first time. With 25 entrants, It was a really strong start to possibly the next few League games. Congratulations to Adam who crushed our first tournament from start to finish, scoring 25 points for 1st. He then proceeded to run AA into my KK on the cash game, and the three kings came home! I've posted the results on the site and below. The tournament lasted about 1 hours 45 minutes - A little shorter than I was calculating. I plan to adjust further online tournaments to have a starting stack of 25,000, possibly with an increase for the blinds from 3 minutes to either 4 or 5. It'll allow for much more play without making it too long. I've been getting a huge amount of interest for weekly tournaments - so from now, Wednesday Nights CSPL:Online will include a £10 + 1 rebuy tournament, with a longer structure than last night. Cash game to run concurrently also.

1st Adam H

2nd Tomas

3rd Ryan

4th Nick G

5th Naval

6th Stu

7th Mark G

8th Patric

9th Petch

10th Squire

11th Zubair

12th Nour

13th Hassaan

14th Roman

15th Syd

16th Jon G

17th MJ

18th PC Andy

19th Jay

20th James the Tank

21st Dory

22nd Henry

23rd Johnny Lodden

24th Dan

25th George

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