Our monthly regular Poker tournament


Registering for a game can be done through section 1 of the front-page at the Registration section. The games start at 18:15, and the latest a player may join is at 19:30 (the end of the first break).

The buy-in is £6, and players start with 5,000 chips. For an additional £5, players will be given an extra 5,000 chips that can either be added-on to their starting stack or used as a re-buy should one lose their first 5,000 chips. The additional 5,000 chips must be used or added onto your stack by the end of the first break. 

£1 of the initial £6 buy-in goes towards the Grand Final. Scroll to section 5 of the front-page for details about the Grand Final. 

The prize pool is made up of all player buy-ins, and cash prizes are awarded to the top finishers. This varies from top 2 to top 4, depending on the number of players.

As well as cash prizes, points can be earned by players who finish 10th and above each month. Points awarded are as follows;

1st Place: 25

2nd Place: 18

3rd Place: 15

4th Place: 12

5th Place: 10

6th Place: 8

7th Place: 6

8th Place: 4

9th Place: 2

10th Place: 1

The 10 players that earn the most points will be invited to the Grand Final. Further details about this can be found on section 5 of the front-page.

Scroll down for League tables.

In tournament poker games, the blinds increase every level, in order to drive the game to a conclusion. In these games, each level is 15 minutes.

There is a 15 minute break after Level 4 and Level 9.

Level 1: 50/50

Level 2: 50/100

Level 3: 100/200

Level 4: 150/300

Level 5: 200/400

Level 6: 300/600

Level 7: 400/800

Level 8: 600/1200

Level 9: 800/1600

Level 10: 1000/2000

Level 11: 1500/3000

Level 12: 2000/4000

Level 13: 3000/6000

Level 14: 4000/8000

Level 15: 6000/12000

Level 16: 8000/16000

Level 17: 10000/20000





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