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The pppoker app is perfect for our privately run online games. Its most core functionality is the creating, running and playing in private clubs. Club owners (CSPL) control a closed ecosystem of chips, and are able to send and claim back chips from members. Chips awarded to members in the Club cannot be used outside of that one Club. The app is safe, fun, and run by a great company that hosts live poker festivals.


No money is deposited onto the pppoker app. The CSPL Board receives and holds all player funds. All player funds are guaranteed by the CSPL Board. Your funds are safe in the CSPL NatWest bank account, and are not transferred further. The app pppoker does not see, hold, transfer or have anything to do with the player funds. Players can deposit and withdraw both by card and by cash - cash transactions are honoured at the CSPL live games.


Most online poker sites such as PokerStars charge a rake of between 5% and 10% of all cash pots, capped at 5 to 15 big blinds. The minimum setting for rake on the pppoker app is 1% capped at 0.5 big blinds for all cash game stakes.

From the money raked, the Club pays pppoker some monthly charges. Mainly for 2 things; 1) the 'Club Rating' and 2) additional Chips.

1 - The 'Club Rating' is a premium subscription that 'unlocks' the added functionality required to run the online Club effectively. 

2 - As mentioned previously, there is a limited number of chips in each club. Each chip, divisible into 2 decimal places, is the equivalent of a single 1 Pound Sterling. When chips are raked from the table, they are lost to the Club and disappear. This means the Club needs to purchase additional chips every so often.

Dory returns most of the rake paid by the players, a process in the poker industry known as Rakeback. The total Rakeback sum is calculated at the end of every 1 or 2 months (depending on site traffic), and is as follows:

Total rake, minus the app costs, minus League Game deductions, equals the Rakeback.

No player money is charged, withheld, paid on behalf of or invested in the Club. No players are charged an entry fee. No salaries or benefits are paid or accrued as a result of handling player money. 


When COVID lockdown began, I moved all of our games online to keep the club alive. 

The first and obvious choice was PokerStars home games, but the idea made me very uncomfortable for a number of reasons. 

Firstly, I didn't want to ask members to download casino software. Most members are only very casually interested in poker, and inviting them to download casino software I feel was dangerous. Not only that, but the public games are extremely tough; most would be eaten alive even at the micro-stakes. 

Secondly, for the stakes we were looking to play, PokerStars rake was very high. For 10c/25c stakes, it was capped as high as 15 big blinds. Looking back at the games we've played in 2020, the rake paid would have been in the thousands.

The Poker Club app pppoker was the ideal solution for many reasons. It meant we could create any games we like, control the finance side completely, pay a tiny fraction of the rake, all whilst running an exclusive, closed membership poker club.