Cash Games

The Civil Service Poker League holds regular Cash Games.

These are poker games where the chips represent exact cash value. Players are welcome to join as late as they like and stay as long as they like. 

Dory's Game

Dory's Game is our regular No-Limit Texas Hold'Em cash game. Blinds and stakes available on request.

These games tend to be fast and fun. Straddles (blind raise) are allowed.

If all players mutually agree, changes to stakes or poker variants are allowed, within reason. This has led to some rounds of Omaha and other variants. 

There will be synchronised breaks whenever players mutually agree.

Games are announced by e-mail and players can reserve a seat by reply. To receive e-mails, make sure you subscribe on Section 8 of the Home Page.

Please check House Rules and FAQs for details, or e-mail/whatsapp Dory.


WhatsApp 07939115143