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The Home of Poker for Civil Servants, Public Servants, NHS, Police & Armed Forces

The CSPL was born out of a long running game of poker held at the Civil Service Club in Westminster. It was a game where lines were drawn by skill, risk-taking, and a little luck.

The primary ethos of our Club is to promote the game of poker as a challenging and competitive mind sport. The stakes start low, and the games are always run in a friendly atmosphere, where they become a great place to socialise and compete against colleagues across the sector. Poker is an equalising and inclusive game, where the only language is money and everybody gets the same cards. 

The League Tournaments are a perfect way to access a low stake, monthly poker tournament. The Mickey Mouse High Roller! is a higher stake tournament that starts with more chips and a longer blind level. The Cash Games are more competitive; be prepared for a fast game.

All games take place at the Civil Service Club in Westminster. The exact room varies. Games are held on weekdays and the doors open around 6pm. Tournaments usually start at 6:20pm and Cash Games will start as soon as 4 players have arrived. 

These games are run, organised and hosted by Chairman Dory and Treasurer James the Tank. The Chairman and Treasurer represent the Board. The CSPL does not charge a 'rake', fee, nor does the Board accept any kickback/benefit for organising and running the game.

CSPL:Online is run by the CSPL Board. Player funds are held by the CSPL NatWest bank account, and the poker is facilitated by pppoker.

CSPL is funded by an ancient grant and the Board themselves. CSPL does not currently accept any donations nor does it generate revenue.

These games are for; Civil Servants (current and retired), CSSC Members, Linked CSSC Members, NHS Staff, and Police. Guests are welcome to join non-League Tournament as per the House Rules. 




This is the Constitution for the CSPL. This gets updated every so often.

Version 2 23/01/2020