Civil Service Poker League

Welcome to the new 2019

This is the home of Poker for all Civil Servants, current and retired. Our games are friendly and welcoming to all players at all skill levels.

We have two tournaments a month and cash games; see below for details. 

If you're interested in playing, use our registration system below, or use the subscription form at the bottom of the page to receive updates. 

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Come and play in one of our monthly Poker tournaments. 

Players from all skill levels are welcome to join.

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The Mickey Mouse High Roller!

This is our monthly tournament for those looking for a bigger game. 

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Dory's Game

This is our famous cash game. Games are played with cash chips.

These games are always fun and always have a lot of action. 

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Become the Civil Service Poker League Champion

In each of the monthly tournaments, besides the cash prizes there is an opportunity to earn points for all players who finish 10th and above.

The 10 players with the most cumulative points in the monthly League tournaments will qualify for a place in the Grand Final tournament in January. 

Starting stack is 5,000 chips, plus 100 chips per point earned over the year. Structure and blind levels are the same.

If a qualifying player cannot make the time, the next player will be offered a seat.


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All games are run in the Civil Service Social Club


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House Rules



Besides the rules of poker, there are a few basic House Rules. These are just here to help protect the player.


FAQs just contain some finer details for prospective players. 

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